Te Rangitu Netana has practiced traditional Ta Moko for 25 years, producing beautiful, spiritual and intricate designs through both the modern machine and the traditional chisel method of tattooing.

Facial tattooing is a huge part of Maori culture as the head is believed to be the most sacred part of the body. The elaborate tattoo designs embellished onto the face are regarded as marks of high status within Maori communities. As with all Ta Moko, each tattoo design is unique to the individual, conveying information about status, rank, ancestry and abilities.  Not only does this have great spiritual meaning, it also allows for delicate art work to be designed, creating a unique experience for all involved.

With a face inked with a complex design, Te Rangitu Netana’s tattooed face bears the story of his life and ancestry.

Since moving to the UK, Te Rangitu Netana is working as a traditional tattoo artist in London, Colchester, Essex and Brighton. Producing elaborate tribal tattoos, he is able to create beautiful artwork in-keeping with his own heritage and time-honoured Maori designs.